Supporting and promoting Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian students in learning centres


Mitigation of differences in academic achievements between children of the majority community and those from the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities, as well as other children, by providing supplementary educational services


  • Increasing the rate of academic achievement and school attendance of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian students.
  • Raising the capacities of the teaching centre staff in providing quality education for the children who attend it. - Awareness of the importance of compulsory schooling.
  • Presentation and application of child protection and welfare policies in school institutions.
  • Improving cooperation between educational centres, schools and municipal directorates of education.

Duration: September 2022 – June 2023

Target area: Gjakovë, Klinë, Prizren, Prishtinë and Pejë

Project partners

Municipal Directorates of Education and primary schools in Gjakovë, Klinë, Prizren, Prishtinë dhe Pejë municipalities

The project “Supporting and promoting Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian students in learning centres” is funded and supported by Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation

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