Increase access and quality of care and social and educational services for vulnerable girls and boys particularly those in street situations and their families



In September 2022, with financial support of the EU Office in Kosovo and in partnership with UNICEF, Terres des Hommes started with implementation of the project “Increase access and quality of care and social and educational services for vulnerable girls and boys particularly those in street situations and their families” with the main goal and objectives:  


By 2025 central and local institutions have strengthened and integrated child protection systems for prevention and response services to address abuse, neglect, and exploitation.


  • Day Care Centres in Prishtina and Prizren provide sustainable integrated services for vulnerable boys and girls and in street situations .
  • Public awareness on forms of prevention of the violence, stigma and discrimination against children in street situations and prevention of incentivizing and supporting begging by the public increased.
  • The capacities of vulnerable families to provide appropriate care, protection and encourage education for their children are improved.
  • Life, vocational and employability soft skills of vulnerable girls and boys and adolescents in street situations have increased.
  • The Multidisciplinary Roundtables for Assistance in Case Management (former Case Management Roundtables, CMRs) mechanisms are functional and effective.
  • Two child protection houses established and operationalized.
  • Justice for children professionals’ capacites strengthened to implement diversion measures for juveniles in contact and conflict with the law.

Direct beneficiaries: 1600 children (35% girls and 65% boys); 300 families of vulnerable children; around 200 child protection professionals (social workers, police officials, education officers and community-based organization workers; 100 justice for children professionals (prosecutors, judges, probation officers)

Indirect beneficiaries: 2,500 vulenrable children (1,800 boys and 700 girls) benefiting from prevention, protection and reintegration services provided by the Multidisciplinary Roundtables for Assistance in Case Management (CMRs); 1,800 juveniles (20% girls 80% boys) benefiting from the diversion measures imposed by juvenile justice professionals (Judges and Prosecutors); 500.000 people will be reached through awareness-raising campaigns.

Duration: September 2022 – November 2024




Project partners

Office of Good Governance, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Finance, Labour and Transfers (as a relevant ministry for Social Services), Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Education Science, Technology and Innovations, University of Prishtina (Department of Social Work and Department of Psychology), Kosovo Police, Kosovo Institute for Public Administration, Probation Service, Correctional Service/ Educational Correctional Centre, Council for Social and Family Services, Centres for Social Works Kosovo wide, Association of Kosovo Municipalities, Municipal Directories of Education, Municipal Directories for Social Services, Civil Society Organizations.

Target area: Kosovo wide

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