Strengthening Collaboration for Child Welfare


Today, at the Day Care Center for children in street situations, we had the honor of welcoming Elizabeth Gowing, the Advisor to the Prime Minister Albin Kurti for Community Affairs.

During the meeting, we engaged in fruitful discussions about the comprehensive services we provide at this center and our learning centers across Kosovo. The focus was on enhancing the quality of care and support for the children we serve.

Ms. Gowing was fully informed about the various programs and initiatives we have in place, and she expressed her sincere appreciation for the tireless efforts of our team in uplifting the lives of these children. She further extended her support and emphasized the importance of collective action in bringing positive change to the lives of vulnerable children.

Our interactions were marked by a shared commitment to fostering stronger collaboration in the future. Together, we firmly believe that we can create a brighter and more nurturing environment for these children, ensuring they receive the care and opportunities they truly deserve.