Raising Awareness and Fostering Change: Battling Antigypsyism in Kosovo


In the fight against racism and discrimination, education and awareness are powerful tools. Last week, Terre des hommes Kosovo, in collaboration with the Kosovo Institute for Public Administration (IKAP), continued trainings aimed at shining a light on Antigypsyism—a specific and deeply troubling form of racism.


Antigypsyism, as a distinctive manifestation of racism, encompasses violence, hate speech, social stigmatization, and various forms of discrimination. To address this pressing issue, public officials from diverse institutions in Kosovo came together for a purposeful training, held last Friday in Prishtina.


Moreover, this training was significant as it was the first training conducted by certified trainers as part of our collaboration with IKAP within the Training of Trainers (ToT) program.

The training's primary objective was to enhance participants' understanding of Antigypsyism. It sought to equip them with the tools to identify its elements and manifestations, fostering collective efforts to combat this form of racism effectively. The training was an open forum for candid discussions, insightful revelations, and the exploration of strategies to confront and eradicate Antigypsyism in Kosovo.


One of the pivotal lessons from this training was the importance of collaboration. Participants not only gained theoretical insights into Antigypsyism but were also informed about the existing mechanisms to advance the rights of marginalized communities. Specifically, they received briefings on the Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian communities in Kosovo, as well as the National Platform for Protection against Discrimination.


The success of this training event serves as a testament to our shared commitment to creating a just society. Through education and increased awareness, we empower individuals to address and combat complex societal issues head-on. The dedication of the participants and their readiness to engage in these vital conversations exemplify the spirit of change and progress that we aim to inspire.