Joining Forces for the Well-being of Children in Street Situations


In a significant stride towards child protection and support, Terre des Hommes - Kosovo (TdhK) and the Municipality of Prizren have joined forces to pioneer integrated services for vulnerable children in street situations. This remarkable partnership aims to provide these children with the care and opportunities they deserve.

The collaboration was formalized through a memorandum of understanding for co-financing with Municipality of Prizren. This initiative is built upon carefully crafted models developed by TdhK, which have proven effective in ensuring the well-being of children facing challenging circumstances.

Under this partnership, specialized services will be offered at the Day Care Center for Empowerment and Protection of Children in Nashec, Prizren. This center is poised to become a sanctuary for children in need, offering a range of support services designed to empower them and provide a safe environment for growth and development.

Terre des Hommes Kosovo and the Municipality of Prizren are steadfast in their commitment to child protection and welfare. This collaboration represents a shared dedication to improving the lives of children in street situations. By working closely together, they aim to ensure that every child has the opportunity to flourish.