Training Module "Diversion Measures Imposed Against Juvenile Offenders"

The Training Module "Diversion Measures Imposed Against Juvenile Offenders" has been completed.


The development of this module is a key step towards increasing the skills and understanding of juvenile justice professionals regarding the effective implementation of the 16 Juvenile Diversity Measures.

The process began with a series of four round tables held in four regions of Kosovo during October and November. These roundtables brought together a diverse group of juvenile justice professionals, including juvenile prosecutors, judges, probation officers, police officers, attorneys, mediators, and others, to share their experiences, address challenges common and to identify essential needs in the juvenile justice system.

The insights gleaned from these engaging discussions were invaluable. With the help of the engaged legal expert, we carefully designed a training module that directly addresses the specific needs and challenges identified.

Following its design, we have successfully conducted five training sessions for juvenile justice professionals in five different regions, the purpose of which was to strengthen the skills of juvenile justice professionals in the effective implementation of 16 diversity measures for minors, provided for in the Juvenile Justice Code, thus facilitating a smoother process of resocialization and reintegration of minors into society.

This training module is developed as part of the project "Increasing access and quality of care and social and educational services for vulnerable girls and boys, especially those in street situations and their families". The project is financially supported by the European Union in Kosovo in partnership with the Unicef Kosovo Programme.

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